Final Thoughts and Acknowledgements

Hello! It’s hard to believe that this is officially my last week of my research project! Although I will still be working on finishing up my final PURE report and poster to hopefully present my research at a few conferences. I’ve decided to focus on the professional development piece of the results, specifically in relation to empathy, confidence and appreciation as teachers still carry over these traits in their current practice.

Thank You

I overall think my project went really well (although that may because I’m use to not getting data in any of my previous science projects). I learned a lot about qualitative research – including how to analyze qualitative data and use Nvivo. As well, how to go through ethics, and persevered in getting data (sorry to all the teachers I constantly emailed to get interviews).   

This project was also extremely relevant to me as a pre-service teacher and as I’m going on my TAB journey in less than a month! I learned a lot of tips about teaching and tips about my TAB journey. This makes me a lot less anxious to travel and teach abroad again. I’m starting to get very excited. Thank you so much to all TAB alumni who took the time for an interview!

About 8 months ago I was rushing to get a project proposal finished for my PURE application. I am very grateful to the University of Calgary for funding this project through PURE. Thanks to my friend Dr. Jess Cockburn for all her help with this project and being second coder for my data. Finally, this project would not have happened without my wonderful supervisor, Roswita Dressler. Thanks so much for your immense help.

Good-bye for now! Thanks for following!  

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